Welcome! This page is for my bi weekly evil campaign. We play a high level Dungeons and Dragons campaign (v3.5) in my own homebrewed world, which I am still creating. We play every other Sunday, though that is subject to change. Currently we have eight players and can not take anymore. However, feel free to look at my wiki and adventure logs once the campaign gets underway. Be sure to check out our Facebook group. Thanks!

The Rules

  1. You do not talk about DnD
  2. You do not talk about DnD
  3. No smoking or drinking at my campaign. If you need to smoke any legal substance, please do so outside.
  4. Please show up sober. I do not expect any of you to break this but I can barely handle 5-7 sober players. If you are intoxicated, it becomes harder.
  5. I work off a three strike system. You get two warnings and the third time I take action.
  6. I reserve the right to assign seating if it benefits the game.
  7. I reserve the right to remove someone from game if they become disruptive and if needed, I can remove them from the campaign

Absentee Rules

  1. If you are going to miss game have the common decency to call or text. On the same note, if the game is cancelled I will text you.
  2. If you miss game and you have a serious reason (i.e. such as death in the family, car accident act of the gods,etc) then you will get full XP, share in the gold, and I play your character. However, you cannot get first choice in items. If this happens frequently enough, I'll have your character go on a "side quest" so I do not have to play it and you will still get full XP and gold. I am not responsible for any mistakes I make playing your character. I am busy enough running the game and playing my cleric NPC. If you do not like something I did with your character, and you had a legitimate reason for missing (see before,)talk to me. If your character dies through my action and you missed for a legit reason, I will let you reroll at the average party level.
  3. If you miss game for social reasons (i.e. you made plans with friends) you get half XP and no gold or items and I play your character. If this happens more than three times I give your character to a player to play, you get no XP, gold, or items, and whatever that player does with your character you must live with. If your character dies by a player's hand and you missed for a social reason, you can reroll at one level below the lowest party member.
  4. If you do not contact me about missing the game, or lie to me about your reason for missing game you get no XP, gold, or items. If this happens three times you will be asked to leave game. If you do not contact me, or lie to me, and your character dies, you can reroll at one below the lowest party member, if I allow you to reroll.

Campaign Rules

  1. Dungeons and Dragons, same with any RPG or game we play, is a game first and social gathering second. Games are meant to be fun. If you are not having fun, let me know privately. Either I am failing you as a DM or we have a problem player.
  2. Campaign starts around 6:30. If this changes I will let you know.
  3. If there is anything you would like to see in the game (i.e. more RPing, you want to fight a certain group, etc) let me know privately. I might be able to work something out.
  4. If you have an issue with me or any of the players, let me know privately. Fights across the table will not be permitted.
  5. This is an evil campaign so you guys do have a lot of free reign on what you do. I will let you guys do almost anything. On that note, if you perform an act that makes myself or any of the players uncomfortable, stop immediately. You will only get two warnings.
  6. Roleplaying and creativity are not only permitted, they are encouraged. However, remember I have the last say. If I tell you no, you are allowed to argue your case but if I still say no, I mean it.
  7. This is my homebrewed world so the rules may be different than normal DnD. If there are any unique rules, I will put them on the Wiki.

The Rise of the Dragon Lord

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