The Rise of the Dragon Lord

How to Feed a Village, For Dummies

Death of a wizard and getting back Lava Spring's food

The party members awoke to a cold Lava Spring's morning. They left the inn to see steam rising up from the 60-foot wide covered well, in the center of town. As they left the town they could see steam coming up from various vents under the ground. The party members vowed to check them out when they got back.

They rode out for a day and camped for the night. On second watch, two massive purple worms burst out of the ground and attacked the party. Despite the party members being asleep, they all woke up when Apollyon Sunn, who was on watch, alerted the party. Most of the party acted swiftly and were able to strike first. However, Maggie was not one of them. Her slow reaction made her an easy target for the feebleminded worms. She was quickly consumed by one of the worms. The party members, in their apathy, let the worm have her.

They then focused on the other worm. Tiassa struck with her fists, Adelia dug in with her swords, and her wickedly enchanted dagger cut a wound that would not close, Apollo went for it's vital spots, and the general finished it off with a flamestrike, after Apollyon Sunn struck it several times with his sword and the purple ate him. The worm's body fell down and Apollyon Sunn cut his way out of its charred corpse. They then hopped in the wagon and outran the other worm.

The next day they arrived at the town. It was clearly a hastly set up town. It was made out of various colored tents and wagons and had a ton of cooking fires in the middle. Several party members noticed the wagon's wheels were removed. Apollo and Adelia noticed that the wheels were purposely removed but the wheels seemed accidently broken.

They walked through the town to the biggest tent, where they assumed the leader resided. Once again, the general's draconic appearence frightened the townsfolk and they cowered before him. They headed into the tent and they saw a bald man, with some wrinkles and deep set eyes, a older woman with graying blonde hair, and a young man with black hair, that looks as if it was well cared for until recently, and a hooked nose. The older man was Rurik, the leader of the town, the woman, Janice, his wife, and the young man was his son Callaway.

The general managed to calm the fears of the three and ask them some questions. They asked them about the wagon wheels and they explained they recently let in a group of travellers into their nomadic group for food and shelter. They then stole all of their food and broke their wagon wheels so they could not follow. For that they were wary of any newcomers. The general offered them ten gold per person to set up camp outside of theirs (and spy on them.) They were eager to take this generous offer of gold and gave them the land but told them to camp 100ft away so they could keep an eye on them but they weren't near everyone else.

That night the group spilt up. Angel went to Callaway's wagon to seduce him and get information out of him. Apollo went to search the wagons and tents for the food and the general, Apollyon Sunn, and Lucas went to the main tent to "persuade" Rurik to give up more information.

Angel waited naked in Callaway's wagon for him to return. When he did, she seduced him into sleep with her. After which she got him to confess that the village stole the food from Lava Springs, but they did it because they were desperate and the town was ruled by a beholder anyways. Adelia then slit his throat and cuddled with him as he bled out.

Apollo scouted out all of the tents without anyone seeing him but did not find much until he got to the last tent. There he found all of the food and saw two guards. They were poorly armed but Apollo did not kill them so not to raise an alarm.

Then the general, Apollyon Sunn, and Lucas went to the main tent. The general distracted Rurik while [[lucas-of-tassamir|Lucas]] cast a zone of truth spell. They then grilled him about Lava Springs and the missing food. He tried to get the heroes to talk outside (where there was no zone of truth) but the general used his draconic heritage to frighten the man into submission. He then told them about how he stole the food and how they were starving to death and needed it. After that they left and discussed their plan. They met up with Apollo and Angel (who was still covered in Callaway's blood) and talked.

Apon Lucas's suggestion, they decided to kill the village leaders (Rurik, Janice, and the now deceased Callaway,) steal all of the food, and let them starve to death. Apollyon Sunn and Apollo decided to kill the two guards silently, while Zane and Tiassa brought the horses around back and unloaded the goods, with the help of Angel as well. The general went back into the tent and cast a circle of death spell, killing Rurik and his wife instantly. With all the food loaded up, they took the horses and headed back to Lava Springs.



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