The Rise of the Dragon Lord

Finding Religion at the Springs

Visiting Lava Springs and Discovering the Eyes of Orbius

After bringing back the green orb, the group decided to find the orb held by the beholder. With a discern location spell, cast by Lucas, you discovered that it lied within the settlement of Lava Springs. Maggie, the party wizard, lost her spellbooks so the half-dragon general teleported you there. He was a renown warmage and sent to fill in the gap left by Maggie.

You arrived at the town and scouted it out. Apollo and Zane climbed to the rooftops and saw a normal bustling city. The general, Apollyon Sunn, and Lucas went into town. The general's draconic appearance frightened the townspeople, but he continued on to the town hall. The secretary was frightened by his appearance, but the general soon calmed her and learned about the church services, and about how several weeks worth of food was stolen. he also learned the name of the town's protector, Lord Orbius

During this time, Apollo was in the inn buying people drinks for information. He also learned about the church and about how fire giants destroyed the town several months ago.

Also during this, Tiassa and Adelia had gotten bored at the camp and started walking around the city. They saw the symbol at the church and Tiassa recognized it to represent a beholder. They rushed over to the town hall and told the general this immeadiately. From there, they all met back at the inn and bought rooms, but not before having a verbal altercation with the dwarven innkeeper. Jovin Ungart. Since then he has chosen to overcharge the party members, especially the general (who calls him "Greybeard" (even though it is brown) and damaged his bar) and Apollo (who made a move to attack him before Jovin brought his hammer, Giantsbane, down before him.)

The next day, Apollo, Apollyon Sunn, Tiassa, and Lucas went to the church. The Head Priest Aler came out and all of the party members noticed he was a balding man, with grey hair, and a eyestalk sticking out of his forehead. Then the service started. There sermons were made to Lord Orbius (who did not attend) praising him feverishly, and asking for his protection. The general and Lucas realized this to be a cult religion. Tiassa thought it was an orginized religion and throughly enjoyed the service.

When the service was over, Apollo was ordered to stay back and keep an eye on the priest. Apollo blended into the shadows while the general and Apollyon Sunn approached the high priest to convince him that they wished to join, so they could pry for information. When they said this,the high priest tried to charm them with his eyestalk. It failed but the two still tried to convince the priest. However, the general was not very convincing and the priest told them to come back when they were interested.

The party, minus Apollo, then headed off to the town hall. There they were told they could earn favor with Lord Orbius if they found the food that was stolen from them. They learned it was a town two days to the south who had stolen it. However, there was no map of it as it was a new town, formed by nomads. They were given horses and wagons to haul all of the food back.

Apollo made an interesting discovery himself. After the service, the high priest left the church through a secret door in the back of the church. Apollo was able to find the door but was unable to figure out how to open it. He beleived it beyond his numerous skills and headed back to the inn, where the rest of the party met him and shared information. They planned to set out the next day for the town to retrieve the supplies.



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