Lucas of Tassamir

Sadist dark cleric. Devoted to the Order


The following are all the needed stats to play my cleric. Players in my campaign can use this as an example or to copy/paste their own character. Skills without ranks are not included.

Ability Scores

Str 18 +4

Dex 8 -1

Con 12 +1

Int 14 +2

Wis 27 +8

Cha 22 +6

Combat Stuff

AC  29 Touch 9 Flat Footed 29

HP 85

Int -1

Fort Save +15

Reflex Save +9

Will +25

Base Attack Bonus  +10/+5 Grapple +14

Unholy Heavy Mace +2 Attack: +16/+11 Damage: 1d8+6 Crit: x2 Special: +2d6 damage against good creatures

Heavy Crossbow +1 Attack: +9/+4 Damage: 1d10+1 Crit: 19-20/x2 Range 120ft

Dagger +1 Attack: +15/+10 Damage:1d4+5 Crit:19-20/x2 Range: 10ft


Bluff +11 Concentration +20  Craft (blacksmithing) +7 Diplomancy +15 Heal +10 Knowledge (arcana) +7 Knowledge (history) +7 Knowledge (religion) +21 Knowledge (the planes) +8 Sense Motive +13 Spellcraft +23


Combat Casting

Corrupt Spell (CD 79) 

Craft Wonderous Item

Divine Metamagic (Corrupt Spell) (CD 80)

Empower Spell

Sacrificial Mastery (BOVD 50)

Silent Spell

Note: CD = Complete Divine BOVD = Book of Vile Darkness

Combat Possessions

Full Plate +5, Heavy Steel Shield +5, Unholy Mace +2, Dagger +1, Heavy Crossbow +1, Gaunlets of Orge Strength +2, Vest of Resistance +5, Periapt of Wisdom +6, Cloak of Charisma +6, Ring of Invisibility, Ring of Mind Shielding

Non-Combat Possessions

Bag of Holding (Type 4,) Bedroll, 50 Crossbow bolts, Carpet of Flying (5'x10',) Everburning Torch, Silver Holy Symbol, Skull of Fear (attached to armor. Will DC 16, all within 10ft radius affected by fear spell,) Tent, and Wand of Cure Serious Wound

191 gp



What is your character's name? Lucas of Tassamir

What does he look like? He stands at 5'11." He has grey eyes and short brown hair. He has a muscled upper body from all his time at the forge and his skin is pale, revealing his northern heritage.His hands are callousfrom weilding a hammer as a child and a mace as a cleric. He has several burns from when he was learning to be a blacksmith, from his father Wallis. The most notable one is on his right bicep from when he accidently left his father's seal on the forge.  His father rushed to pull it out nad in the confusion, Lucas was burned. If you look carefully enough you can notice the shape of a pickage and the letter W beneath it, his father's seal.

What does he do for a living? He is a cleric for the Order of Tassamir

What does he do in his free time? He likes to read stories and poetry or work metal

How does he support himself? He accompanies many quests for Tassamir and keeps what valuables he collects

How wealthy is he? Pretty wealthy. While he has spent most of his money on items, many villages would kill him over what he has in gold

Who does he know and how well? He knows everyone in the guild on a basic level. He is close with the head of the order, High Glutton Vashar, and is second to him. Often Vashar will confide in him and ask him for his insight, which he gives freely. He is also close with the Order's blacksmith, Davrell Corek, who he often works with in his spare time.

Where does he live? In some of the Order's finest quarters.

What does he own? He owns his adventuring gear (armor, mace, etc,) some magical items and his holy symbol. Most of his material needs are cared for buy the Order. However he owns his father's blacksmithing tools, which he cherishs greatly.

Does he have family? His father Wallis died of a plague ten years ago. He left home, in the village of Maulder's Mine, shortly after. His mother, Jazelle, sold the forge to another blacksmith, Horus Galor, and later married him, so Lucas no longer speaks to her. He also has two brothers. One, Marcus, died in a recent war and the other, Harden, is a failing blacksmith in a neighboring town, Oxridge Springs.

Does he have friends or enemies? He is good friends with Davrell Corek, the Order's blacksmith, and High Glutton Vashar keeps him close. Outside of the Order he has no friends. As for enemies, he has a rivalry with a cleric of Shieka named Beoder Ardict. They frequently try to outdo each other in feats of strength and combat. They actually maintain a healthy respect for each other, but both would die before admitting it. He also met a elven ranger, Quellan Galanodel, who protected a forest with a group of druids. He and Lucas engaged in battle and Lucas won. Quellan swore to kill Lucas one day. Lucas responded by setting his home ablaze.

Who was his first love? Did it work out? Why or why not? Do they still know each other? He fell in love with Eryssa Annagath, a farmer's daughter. She felt the same way back and they courted each other for several weeks. However, her father, Angus, took notice and immediately arranged a marriage with someone else. He did not approve his daughter flirting with a man who had no farming land. In anger, Lucas confronted Angus. Words quickly dissolved to threats and threats became violence. The two had to be sepreated and Eryssa never spoke to him again.

Why did he become evil? Shortly after his father died, his will stated that he was to give his business and tools to his son Lucas. the business was highly sought after as Wallis's forge, the Broken Hammer, was the town's biggest business, second to the mine. Noblemen came from all over to see Wallis' work and he taught Lucas, his oldest, everything he knew.

However, that night, his mother Jazelle, who had been cheating on Wallis with a blacksmith from the nearby town of Aulda, named Horus, stole the deed to the shop and sold it to Horus. The will was burned and Lucas awoke to the shop's new owner. In rage his took his father's hammer to Horus' head. He nearly killed him before the town guard pulled him away. He spent a night in jail awaiting execution, but the jailers had forgetten it was Wallis, Lucas's father who made the cell. Using his knowledge of metal, he broke free, snuck into his father's forge, stole back his tools and ran for it. From then on he decided he would only look after himself since it was clear the only person he could trust, his father, had passed and everyone was eager to pour salt on his grave. Lucas refused to let that happen to him.

Why did Lucas join the Order? Throughout his travels, Lucas discovered a love for all things material. He learned money can open doors in ways only money could. In his trip to the city of Ravenwing, he was working as a blacksmith when several priests came into his shop. They needed a new blacksmith for their Order. They ofered to pay him twice as much as he was making now. He accepted and discovered a love for Tassamir and Darmsa. He worked for a year as their blacksmith before finally taking his oaths and becoming a full fledged cleric. He also discovered his talents for swinging a hammer could be apply to other things than simple blacksmithing.He helped the order find their new blacksmith, Davrell Corek, who is also a cleric of Tassamir, but choses to show his faith through his work.

Lucas of Tassamir

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